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The Basics

Premium Interior Package

$149 - $199 (Small car/ Suv vs Large SUV/ Trucks) Vaccuum and Deep Shampoo clean leather/ cloth seating as well as floor boards and trunk. Clean and Sheen reconditioned seating. Removes deep stains. Polish and Restore all interior trim, cup holders and vinyl, leaving a deep shine and UV protection. Blow Out all vents to free any dust build up and debris. All Windows Clean streak free.

The Basics

Premium Exterior Package

$149 - $199 (Small car/ SUV vs Large SUV/ Trucks) Soft Hand Wash & Rinse to eliminate surface debris and bugs. Clay Bar to remove any impurities in clear coat (tree sap, road tar, overspray, etc.) Exterior window streak free finish. Si02 Exterior Coating keeps car protected, glossy, and water beading up to 3-6 months. Rim, Tires, and Door jams cleaned to remove excessive brake dust and debris.

The Basics

Platinum Restoration Package

$229 - $299 (Small car/ SUV vs Large SUV/ Trucks) Includes the best of both worlds with the Premium Interior & Premium Exterior Packages. All tires will have a jet black gel finish. Wheel and Chrome polish for a brighter, longer lasting glossy finish. Exhaust tips polished.

The Basics

Executive Restoration Package

$329 - $400 (Small car/ SUV vs Large SUV/ Trucks) Platinum Restoration Detail included. Engine bay detail. Window Treatment that repels water, dirt, and debris for up to 1 year. Trim Restoration. Rim Guard to repel dirt and brake dust. 1 Year hydrophobic Si02 spray coating.

The Basics


  • Engine Bay Detail $49.99
  • Window Treatment $49.99
  • Odor Bomb $39.99
  • Buffing/ Paint Correction $90/hr
  • Pet Hair Removal $49.99
  • Mobile Service $1.75 per mile

Advanced Detail Packages

  1. Level 1 $329 - $399 Platinum Restoration Packages Plus Single Stage Polish, Headlight Restoration , Trim Coating
  2. Level 2 $429 - $499 Executive Package plus Single Stage Polish, Headlight Restoration, Trim Coating
  3. Level 3 $599 - $699 Executive Package plus Dual Stage Machine Polish, Headlight Restoration, Trim coating

Packages range depending on size of the vehicle

Paint correction

Single Stage Paint Enhancement

$299 - $399 A machine polish which removes light swirls and scratches and adds a 1 year protective coating. This coating ensures a very deep gloss and is extremely hydrophobic. This package pairs great with dark color vehicles and customers on a budget, but looking to have their paint super glossy without breaking the bank.

Paint Correction

Two Stage Paint Correction

$750 - $1250 A machined in medium cut compound followed by an ultra-fine polish. This will remove deeper swirls from excessive car washes and improper washing. This package pairs nice with vehicles that are looking for a ceramic coating afterwards to keep vehicles easy to clean and shiny for years to come.

paint correction

Three Stage Paint Correction

$1250 - $1750 A machined in heavy cut compound followed by a medium cut and finished with a ultra-fine polish. This package is great for higher mileage vehicles looking to be brand new before a ceramic coating. This is also great for higher end vehicles looking to have a 9 year ceramic coating. This will be as perfect as paint can get and truly leave a stunning gloss.



We offer several ceramic coating services such as window ceramics, rim ceramics, and even full car. Some of the ceramic coating brands we apply are Adam's Polishes Graphene Ceramic, System X Ceramic Nano Coating, and GT Quartz Nano Ceramics. System X and GT Quartz both offer a warranty for your vehicle.

7 Year Ceramic Application $500

9 Year Ceramic Application $800

Fleet/Work Vehicles

We offer package deals for companies and workforces looking to clean up their vehicles interior and exterior. We offer a range of services such as cleaning out truck beds, degreasing dusty and dirty seats, shampooing floors, and even polish & buffs.

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